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We provide a complete range of services including advice, information, and products for people with hearing difficulties and concerns. We carry out hearing tests, prescription, hearing aid fitting and after-sales care services from our main practice in Dublin for an extensive range of hearing aids.

With over 45 years experience, our ongoing commitment is to give honest advice to hearing impaired individuals and to offer the most beneficial assistance available through the use of modern Digital Hearing Aids.

Our company is an independent Family Practice established since 1972. We are members of the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance and are a Registered panel member with the Department of Social Protection.

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We understand that having a hearing loss can take some time to accept and to decide to seek help.

We aim to give everyone the opportunity to try hearing aids for themselves. Our free hearing aid trial service is available for almost every hearing loss type and circumstance. You will be able to try a suitable hearing aid, programmed to your prescription, in the comfort of your own home and familiar surroundings.


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How do I know if I have a hearing loss?

Some indications of hearing loss include asking others to repeat themselves, group conversations, finding it more difficult to understand speech where there is background noise, having to turn the TV up louder than normal, and having difficulty hearing children’s or female voices.

Our simple hearing test questionnaire can help with your initial assessment and help you to understand if you have a hearing loss.


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“A brief note to say thank you. This has been such a positive experience – the manner in which you carried out the hearing test, explaining the nature of my hearing loss in detail and then showing me on the audiogram how the hearing instruments could bridge “the gap”, in my hearing. The Resound Alera instruments are excellent and have greatly improved my listening comfort at social occasions, business meetings or just watching television. However, even such top class instruments could not have been as successful without your patience in spending so much time in fitting and re-fitting, answering all my questions, explaining all the features and benefits and then offering encouraging hints on how to acclimatise to the instruments. I now wear them 12-14 hours a day and would not be without them. Overall a huge success.”

Padraig O'F.


“I have worn a hearing aid since I was a young child and I have found that when you are going to invest in something so critical to your quality of life, you want someone who will be listening carefully to you throughout the process and who will continue to listen long after a visit to make sure you get the right care & the most out of your hearing aid.

Mr. Paul Hussey of Hearing Healthcare Ireland is by far the most knowledgeable, accommodating & customer focused that I’ve ever experienced. My satisfaction has always been their primary goal & I will continue to be a loyal customer of Hearing Healthcare Ireland for many more years to come.

I am a customer of Hearing Healthcare Ireland for over 45 years and I will continue to be a loyal customer for many more years to come.”

Paul S.


“My father, currently aged 91, has been hard of hearing for most of my life and has been wearing a hearing aid for some 30 plus years… with varying / no success. However, for the past 5 years plus it has been practically impossible to communicate with him and in spite of his hearing aid he has been reduced to trying to lip read. This all changed with a visit to Paul Hussey of Hearing Healthcare Ireland. Just two weeks after the initial assessment my father, equipped with two reasonably priced hearing aids, could hear 99% of all that is said. His life has been transformed as he can now take an active part in conversations, even group conversations, and it has taken a massive strain off the family. I am very glad I took the decision to consult a new hearing aid audiologist. What started as a search for a second opinion was rapidly transformed into the wonderful reality that there were better options for my father.”

Sonda D.